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Vedic Indian Astrology is an ancient science of destiny prediction with the help of indications derived from the planetary positions during birth. The basis of Indian Astrology is to provide accurate future predictions and remedies, after careful examination of present & future positions of the planets with those of our horoscope. To be precise in saying "As above , so below"

About Astrallworld :

Astrallworld, is humbly dedicated to all the astrology enthusiasts, who are constantly looking for solutions in their life through the help of Indian astrology. Indian astrology is a 5000 year old science that not only predicts a person' s lifestyle and times ahead, but also guides us at various stages to lead a gracious life.

Today, due to stress and hectic schedules, we all face lifestyle problems. Sometimes these accumulate and over shadow our quality of life, and lead us to no where.

At Astrallworld, it is our sincere effort to bring wellness and improve the quality of life with the aid of Indian astrology.

Astrologers worldwide believe that solutions to all our problems relating to health, finance, profession, wealth, career, marriage...etc are all hidden in our horoscopes, that need to be unveiled.

Started in the year 2012 with the divine blessings of Guruji, Astrallworld partnered with Astrovision Futuretech pte ltd,Cochin,India.to help mankind through the aide of vedic Indian astrology.

Our main aim is to educate the layman and generate interest in Indian astrology and spread its values to all the corners of earth, so that everyone is benefitted and walk the correct path of happiness.

Thanks to the Indian Astrology- the glory lives on.

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