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Vedic Indian astrology is an ancient science of destiny prediction with the help of indications derived from the planetary positions during birth.Now you have an excellent opportunity to make money online by selling reports purchased from us. To be precise in saying "As above , so below"


Now you have an excellent opportunity to make money online by selling reports purchased from us. We guarantee you the lowest prices of each report brought / purchased from us. You can sell at your best suitable price to anyone who is simply interested in Vedic Indian Astrology.

Vedic Indian Astrology provides accurate future predictions and remedies, after careful examination of present & future positions of the planets with those of our horoscope.Thus the report are accepted worldwide with great demand and interest from all astrology enthusiasts.

*How to make money by selling reports and earn a regular income?

It is very simple to get your customers, friends, relatives, clients or anyone from your contact list to buy the reports and make money., with a very low investment. All you need to follow the basic thumb rule and see how your wallet starts filling up.This is a very good source of extra income.


1-A small glo-sign / banner / placard with any of the following caption line that has to be displayed outside / inside your business center like cafeteria,library, card and gift shoppe, boutique..etc
>Know your correct gem stone.
>Welcome health, wealth and prosperity in your life by wearing the correct Gemstone.
>Know the secrets hidden behind your name.
>Get your career reports based on vedic Indian astrology.
>Are you compatible with your partner.Get your reports here.
>Get your Horoscope the Indian way.contact us.
2-A simple Form provided by you with the following details to be filled by the customer.

3-Once the data and the suitable amount is collected, the same can be processed and sent to our website. Reports will be sent within 48-72 hours to the customer and a cc will be attached to you.

Note: Remember to take a printout of all the reports you want to sell from our website.These reports can be downloaded in each section ( DOWNLOAD A SAMPLE )This sample specimen reports will be shown to your customer and explained This is how his personalized report will look like. You may keep our website details as a secret from your customers.Believe us, people are making money by selling them 3-5 times more than the purchase price.

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