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Vedic Indian astrology is an ancient science of destiny prediction with the help of indications derived from the planetary positions during birth. To be precise in saying "As above , so below"

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Astrovision Futuretech Pvt ltd, Cochin , India has done pioneering work in computerization of different areas of Indian Astrology involving a team of renowned astrologers, programmers and psychologists.

Based on Hindu predictive system of astrology, proper horoscope casting with detailed predictions, marriage compatibility, muhuratam(auspicious time in life), correct gem stone recommendation etc... are reflected in the personalized text reports. Reports generated are authentic and dependable guide both for the astrologer and laymen as a high degree of accuracy and reliability is maintained for calculations.

The predictions are based on authentic works in astrology and discussions with a team of eminent astrologers. We still advice you to view and understand the sample report before buying your personalized report from us. Certain Sanskrit & Hindi texts are used in the reports generated. (Please refer to Astrall-dictionary for the meanings).

It is always advisable to have a second opinion on the reports from a renowned astrologer.

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